Thank you for choosing The Cheap Sign Company for your digital signage needs.  Below you can add up to 5 files to upload to our server for your digital signs.  If you do not have a digital signage account with The Cheap Sign Company please contact us to gain more information on how we can help get your message out there with digital signage.  

To use the form below simply enter in a contact email that we can use to contact you if a problem occurs with your upload.  Then enter in your company name and any directions that you want us to follow with your uploads (for example: I would like you to remove the slide in my digital signage slideshow that has the picture of the dog on it and replace it with this one).  Next click on choose file from one of the buttons below and navigate to the file you would like to upload to us, then click submit.


It can take up to 24 hours to upload your artwork to the server.  If no directions are specified your artwork will be added in to the end of the slideshow and no files will be removed from the slideshow.



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